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Larzep releases hydraulic and electric tools

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Recently released at Aimex 2007 in Sydney was a showcase of the new hydraulic and electric tools.

Some of the advantages of Larzep’ s new tools:

  • The range includes a DC battery operated power pack complete with charger and spare battery that has a useable tank capacity of 2.3 litres and weighs only 6 kilograms. It will deliver 0.16 litres per minute at 700 bar and it comes with a shoulder strap and has a 700 bar pressure rating
  • A portable tool for those jobs that require 700 bar and there is no power or air available
  • In the same family is a power pack that has a 2.4 litre useable oil capacity and runs off 240 volt AC, has a flow of 0.82 litres per minute and only weighs 8.7 kilograms
  • To compliment this range of power packs are a completely new range of hydraulic tools
  • These tools include self contained DC drive crimpers that come with spare batteries and a charger and are rated to 120 kilonewtons
  • The range is further complimented by a full range of self contained hydraulic hand crimpers and compression heads rated to 500 kilonewtons
  • Cable cutters, hole punching heads, shears, portable AC pipe benders, pipe threaders and a full range of specialty tools designed to cut, punch and bend copper and aluminium busbars are included in the comprehensive range
  • Punching heads are also available in forces ranging from 15 to 45 tonnes

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