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Signal analysis under disturbing interference

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ACCORDING to Langer EMV , any additional information is important for the development engineer who has to carry out a fault analysis if the electronic module signals a functional fault during a disturbance immunity test.

Information which is crucial for the module's function can be monitored with no interference using the small active AS 200 probe when the unit under test is exposed to disturbances through electromagnetic disturbance signals such as RF radiation, burst and high voltage.

The probe is connected to the module to monitor a signal that can be as fast as 500 kHz. Measured values of 0 to 10 V are detected with a resolution of 12 bit.

The sampling values obtained are transferred without any interference to the AE optical receiver and an oscilloscope via an optical fibre that can be up to 20 m long. This optical receiver with a serial DAC converts the digital signal back into analogue voltage values.

Thanks to the A 200 tool that can be used during development, the electronic developer can quickly pinpoint fault sources in the unit under test and check the effectiveness of his/her modifications.

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