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Langer EMV-Technik GmbH develops new generation of preamplifiers

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The broad-band measurement of high-frequency near fields directly on electronic modules helps the developer reduce disturbances emitted from his electronic systems. Localizing the source that causes the emissions on the board is his difficult task since he has to analyze the near fields based on type, frequency, value and direction.

 The developer can rely on various near field probes of different sizes and with a variety of probe heads when measuring magnetic fields up to 3 GHz. The smaller the probe head that is selected for an examination the more essential is the use of a preamplifier. This highlights the weak signal against the measuring instrument's noise background.
The new generation of preamplifiers, developed by generation of preamplifiers, have been made measuring with near field probes at a resolution below 1 mm or with very weak fields as in controller hardware development much easier.

20 or 30 dB preamplifiers with a noise factor of 4.5 dB and a maximum input power of +13 dBm are optionally available. The input and output of the 20 or 30 dB preamplifiers are designed as a 50 W BNC or SMA connector so that they can be operated with customary spectrum analyzers or oscillographs.

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