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The HFU 02 voltage transformer is available from Langer EMV-Technik GmbH.

Digital IC's differ considerably with regard to their EMC characteristics depending on technology and manufacturer. RF voltage measurements of individual IC inputs and outputs or the power ground pins enable optimum circuit dimensioning and the module's emissions can thus be reduced.
RF voltage measurement can be carried out with the HFU 02 on critical signal pins, microcontroller pins, quartz terminals and metallic structural parts with no interference. Due to its high sensitivity, the HFU 02 is particularly suitable for modules with a low RF voltage such as modules typical for the automotive industry. The high resolution and low interference with the unit under test enable the evaluation of data lines operating at 100 MHz, for example.
The HFU 02 type A (coupling capacity near 18 pF) is used for measurements on quartz pins or other high impedance pins in the frequency range between 10 MHz and 3 GHz.
The HFU 02 type B (coupling capacity near 3,3 nF) is used for measurements especially in lower frequency range 100 kHz up to 3GHz. For both types are valid an optimum frequency range up to 500 MHz.
The HFU 02 is connected to GND of the module and the relevant line is contacted via a probe tip (included in the scope of delivery).

Advantages for the developer:
Minimisation of disturbance emission through optimum circuit dimensioning.

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