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HFI 02 Digital IC

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Digital ICs differ considerably with regard to their EMC characteristics, depending on technology and manufacturer. RF current measurements of individual IC inputs and outputs or the power ground pins enable optimum circuit dimensioning and the module's emissions can thus be reduced.

RF measurements on signal lines with a throughput of up to 10 Mbit can be carried out with the HFI02. Controlling a graphic display is a typical example. The corresponding filters can thus be optimized and screenings reduced.

The RF current transformer operates in the frequency range between 100 kHz and 3 GHz and enables RF current measurements in connection with a spectrum analyser.

A small mounting bracket (accessory) is fixed on the GND of the unit under test, the RF current transformer plugged on and the current to be measured led through the transformer via a CuL wire to measure the current.

The transformer couples an induced voltage to the 50W SMB output. Common-mode and sheath currents are damped in the transformer shaft. The measured values are transferred to a spectrum analyser or oszillograph via a shielded cable.

Technical data
Measuring range 100kHz – 3 GHz
Max. signal voltage 15 V
Output 50 W SMB
Signal line diameter < 0.45 mm

Advantages for the developer:
Reduction of EMC measures to essentials, namely to critical data lines.

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