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Security doors from Lance Locksmiths

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Lance Locksmiths  is specialised in designing, manufacturing and distributing effective security doors all over Sydney. Lance Locksmiths provides 24 hour service of re-securing of premises using quality security products installed professionally. Lance Locksmiths installs locks and security fitting since 1987.

Lance Locksmiths also installs smoke detectors, burglar alarms and property protection systems. Lance Locksmiths distributes safe and vaults. Customers designs and installs high quality of security doors. Grills from Lance Locksmiths can be customised based on customer specification and any architectural style or even specific designs.

The grille works can be designed to match stained glass windows and any tricky situations at Lance Locksmiths. Customers can also find traditional security door at Lance Locksmiths. The security door designs are available in different colours. The security door features manufactured solid steel which gives a full strength construction.

These security doors also features an anti –jemmy bar, a spacer bar reducing the flex tolerance of the door from the lock. These doors have a totally welded lock box. It also includes a hotdip galvanised after manufacture process, it is rust proof. The security doors features a machine screw, four sided joint welds with no short cuts.

The security doors is made with stylish finish using solid brass door handles, easy replaceable fly screen and an optional kick panel. Lance Locksmiths makes quality security windows and custom grilles. The security doors are finished using an oven- baked powder coat and it is installed by professionals.

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