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Close personal protection teams from Lancasters Global Risk

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Lancasters Global Risk  provides reliable close personal protection team with armed or unarmed depending on the threat level. Lancasters Global Risk can work on short term or long-term contracts protecting key individuals or family members.

Lancasters Global Risk provides personal protection teams, personal security advice, evaluate existing protection teams, train client security personnel and risk assessments. Lancasters Global Risk is based in secure offices owned by the company in Sydney, Australia and has regional offices.

At Lancasters Global Risk clients can get trained personal protection teams based on their requirement. Lancasters Global Risk also was established in 1991 to provide reliable security solutions for the specific needs of government, business and the legal communities. Lancasters Global Risk provides a comprehensive range of leading edge physical and technical services to reduce or eliminate risk.

Lancasters Global Risk offers a multi-level vehicle search course which highlights search techniques, search equipment and operational procedures. Lancasters Global Risk provides various courses to the Australian Customs Service and will be provided to other government and non-government clients in 2007. The course outline includes video briefing, multiple vehicle searches, and demonstrations by a search team.

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