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Commercial service lifts designed and constructed by Lamson Engineering
01.08.2011 - Lamson Engineering design and construct commercial service lifts that allow hospitals, clubs, and manufacturers to move products between floors quickly and easily.
Whizair pneumatic air tube systems now available from Lamson Engineering
10.01.2011 - Now offered by Lamson Engineering, Whizair pneumatic air tube systems are versatile, inexpensive and easy to install, allowing users to transport loads of up to five kilograms across any distance.
Red Lea Installs another Point-to-Point Document Transfer System from Lamson Engineering
20.12.2010 - Point-to-point document transfer systems installed by Red Lea have helped the company eliminate the laborious task of manually transporting paperwork around their plant facilities.
Telelift automated product delivery systems from Lamson Engineering
20.12.2010 - Available now from Lamson Engineering, the Telelift range of automated product delivery systems includes Transcar and Unicar products.
Vacuum and Commercial Safes from Lamson Engineering
17.12.2010 - Lamson Engineering specialises in the supply of a comprehensive range of safes for domestic, commercial and government requirements.
Clearance Safes from Lamson Engineering Reduce Risk of Armed Robbery
15.12.2010 - Lamson Engineering introduces a new range of clearance safes designed to safeguard large amounts of cash against armed robbery or internal theft.
Lamson Engineering offers Technoport Electronic Entrance Systems
25.11.2010 - Technoport electronic entrance systems featuring rafar or infrared beam sensors in a variety of configurations
The Lamson 750 Series of cash registers are now available from Lamson Engineering
23.11.2010 - The Lamson 750 Series of cash registers are a secure solution for protecting cash and making operators more accountable through a printable audit trail and real-time data logging.
Whizair Air Tube Systems from Lamson Engineering
17.11.2010 - Whizair air tube systems, available from Lamson Engineering are used for connecting any two workplace locations to transfer various items for better efficiency.
Lamson PTS 4000 pneumatic tube systems for hospital environments
08.10.2010 - Now available from Lamson Engineering, the Multisystem PTS 4000 is a pneumatic tube system that improves efficiency by cutting costs associated with the manual delivery of pathology samples.
Lamson C.A.S.T airtube transfer systems for the gaming industry
07.10.2010 - Available now from Lamson Engineering, the Lamson C.A.S.T. (Casino Automated Secure Transfer) system is an airtube transfer system that was developed specifically for the gaming industry.
Clearance safes from Lamson Engineering reduce risk of armed robbery
21.04.2010 - Lamson Engineering and Tank have combined forces to offer smart safes which are the latest development in efficient cash management combining all the features of a two key safe with an electronic bank note acceptor that verifies actual drops.
PTS 4000 tube system from Lamson Engineering for transportation of delicate goods
12.12.2008 - Lamson Engineering are providers of the PTS 4000 sending-and receiving-stations, which are based on a concept that has been adapted to the demands of a modern hospital. The standard of the PTS 4000 includes a storage facility for automatic dispatch,
Lamson Service lifts available from Lamson Engineering
10.12.2008 - Lamson Service Lifts from Lamson Engineering are used by a wide range of clients including hospitals, clubs and manufacturers to move products between floors. This does away with the need for staff to carry things up and down, thereby risking injury
Aussie TAC Note Readers available from Lamson Engineering
09.12.2008 - The Aussie TAC NR (Note Reader) from Lamson Engineering works on the same principle as the standard Aussie TAC, however it also includes a note validator. Instead of having a two minute time delay function, staff must insert notes in order to vend re
Transcar automatic guided vehicle available from Lamson Engineering
08.12.2008 - The Transcar system from Lamson Engineering uses laser guidance and requires minimum amount of installation time. Transcar is an Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV).
Telelift automated messenger systems available from Lamson Engineering
05.12.2008 - Telelift from Lamson Engineering is an automated messenger system using electronic carriers, which travel vertically and horizontally through a network of extruded aluminium tracks. Transfer switches automatically divert carriers from the main line t
Whizair document transfer system
21.11.2005 - RED Lea, a chicken processing company, has installed Lamson’s Whizair system to ensure the smooth running of the company. Red Lea’s Blacktown main office employs over 1000 staff and is located over 50 metres from the main processing area, which did p
Cash transfer systems
08.11.2005 - LAMSON'S Cash Transfer System is a pneumatic air tube system designed to safely transfer bags of cash from the cash room of any facility directly into the security truck. The system allows full accountability for amounts collected and provides safe e
Vacuum sealed safes
02.11.2005 - LAMSON Concepts and Tank Security have combined to provide a large range of domestic, commercial and government safes including clearance and cash management safes with audit trail and note reader options, coin and cash vending machines in exchange f
General purpose service lift range
24.10.2005 - LAMSON Concepts offers a range of service lifts capable of transporting and handling a range of general products between multiple levels of floors in hotels and clubs and any general buildings. Lamson service lifts are simple to use, quick to install
Pneumatic air tubes systems
24.10.2005 - LAMSON Concepts offers an extensive range of pneumatic air tube systems for handling a range of products including parts, medical samples, cash, documentation, and other secures items. The Lamson Whizair system is a high speed point-to-point transfer
Automated product delivery systems
21.10.2005 - LAMSON Concepts offers the Telelift range of products which includes the Transcar and Unicar products. Unicar is a flexible versatile rail bound conveying system which propels special containers along a network of curves, bends and straights that mak
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