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Lamson PTS 4000 pneumatic tube systems for hospital environments

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Now available from Lamson Engineering , the Multisystem PTS 4000 is a pneumatic tube system that improves efficiency by cutting costs associated with the manual delivery of pathology samples, pharmaceuticals, and other light materials throughout a hospital.

The Lamson PTS 4000 pneumatic tube system's sending and receiving stations are based on a concept that has been adapted to the demands of a modern hospital. The standard PTS 4000 includes a storage facility for automatic dispatch and pneumatic brakes to decelerate the arriving carriers, and there are various speeds that can be individually adjusted for the transportation of delicate goods.

In compliance with health regulations, these pneumatic tube systems let of no air exhaust during sending and receiving operations. The central PC automatically controls the entire transfer operation and the latest in opto electronics offer protection against static discharge ensuring a trouble free operation.

The Lamson PTS 4000 pneumatic tube system is easy for staff to use thanks to the LCD touch screen and the effortless integration with existing operating systems.

These pneumatic tube systems are ideal for a range of applications within a hospital environment. For example, during an operation removed tissue samples can be sent to pathology to be analysed and the results returned to the operating theatre to determine the operation's continuation, causing minimal delays to patient and medical staff.

There are several different variations of stations available, they are:

  • front loading
  • top entry
  • bottom entry
  • through stations.
The carriers used in the Lamson PTS 4000 pneumatic tube system open at both ends for easy access and are available with electronic transponders that track exactly where the carrier is. They can be sent with a request or order or can be sent into secure cabinets or vacuum safes.

With audit trails available for staff accountability, these pneumatic tube systems and associated carriers are suitable for the transport of:

  • cash
  • documents
  • reports
  • patient histories
  • X-rays
  • medicines and drugs
  • lab specimens
  • blood plasma
  • injection vials; and
  • instruments.

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