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The air and pneumatic tubes offered by Lamson are a reliable transportation equipment, that have been used for the effective transportation of various sensitive items.

Reliable air tubes and pneumatic tubes
For the transportation of sensitive items such as:
  • Cash
  • Medical documents
  • Blood samples
Versatile air tubes and pneumatic tube systems
Lamson's range of air tubes and pneumatic tubes are also known for their versatility as can be seen in their installation in the work sites of various industries.

The air tubes and pneumatic tube system have been installed in work sites such as:
  • Retail Outlets
  • Hospitals
  • Casinos
  • Mining Sites
  • Factories
  • Industrial Work Sites

Air tubes and pneumatic tubes range
The range of air tubes and pneumatic tubes offered by Lamson include:

  • Lamson 750 Series: This tube system is widely used in the retail industry, are able to move cash quickly and efficiently, reducing the risk of cash loss
  • Lamson Multisystem PTS 4000: Ideal for hospital equipment as this tube system adheres to health regulations and offers an efficient, automated transportation system of medical documents and samples
  • Lamson Whizair: Economical air tube systems that can be modified to suit various worksites and can be installed either in ground, above ground, in ceilings and in walls
  • Casino System (C.A.S.T.): Developed specifically for the safe and reliable transportation of cash and documents in the gaming industry
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