Lamson & Lamson Safes + Security (LSS)

Lamson is a national loss prevention and materials handling company. We provide a broad range of products for the Industrial sector, which includes Materials Handling, Safes (Traditional Safes and Electronic Safes), Air Tube Systems, Cash Management and AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles).


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01/08/11 - Lamson Engineering design and construct commercial service lifts that allow hospitals, clubs, and manufacturers to move products between floors quickly and easily.
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10/01/11 - Now offered by Lamson Engineering, Whizair pneumatic air tube systems are versatile, inexpensive and easy to install, allowing users to transport loads of up to five kilograms across any distance.
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20/12/10 - Point-to-point document transfer systems installed by Red Lea have helped the company eliminate the laborious task of manually transporting paperwork around their plant facilities.
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20/12/10 - Available now from Lamson Engineering, the Telelift range of automated product delivery systems includes Transcar and Unicar products.
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