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Metal halide lamps from Lamp Technology

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Lamp Technology  provides a wide range of innovative light source technologies like the metal halide lamps. Lamp Technology supplies a variety of lamps in to industrial and commercial markets all over Australasia and South East Asia.

The different types of metal halide lamps available at Lamp Technology include Hit ultralife 15,000 hour, hit lite, hit lite ceramic, topspot G12, toplite Shroud, topflood, colorlite - G12, R7s and E27, topflood colorlite - E40, nepturion underwater and many more. The Hit ultralife 15,000 hour is available in three different wattages.

The hit lite offers alternate colour temperatures including 3200k, 3500k and 5200k. It is an economic double ended metal halide and highly colour stable. It is ideal for commercial interiors, floodlighting, galleries and storage areas. The hit lite ceramic is another type of lamp available at Lamp Technology. It is ideal for shopping areas that requires less discolouration and embitterment of textiles and fabrics is a factor.

Lamp Technology offers the topspot G12 lamp that has an UVP coating. It is suitable for retail areas, museums and flood lightings. TopSpot G12 ceramic is another type of metal halide provided by Lamp Technology. It is suitable for lighting in shops, shopping centres, galleries and restaurants. The TopSpot E27 is a unique lamp only available from BLV and distributed by Lamp Technology.

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