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Cross flow and counter flow towers from Lakeside Cooling Towers (Australasia)

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VSA series from Lakeside Cooling Towers (Australasia) are designed specially for installation in locations where there is limitation for air inlet. Single or multi-cell arrangement in VSA series make them ideal for application on intermediate capacity requirements. SA series from Lakeside Cooling Towers (Australasia) are available in eight different models. SA series are protectively treated materials in accordance with Australian Standards and are coupled with direct drive fans that give these units durability and service.

The CW series are small footprint cross-flow cooling water tower using timber slat fill that are specially designed for applications where the air is dusty and the water has a high level of dissolved solids. CW series are ideal for steel mills, paper mills, aluminium manufacturing, the mining industry, bore water-cooling, etc. The CW towers have got outstanding records in areas where there are corrosive cooling water or atmospheric conditions.

CW towers are available in single, multi-cell dual or single airstream arrangements. WM series from Lakeside Cooling Towers (Australasia) is a counter flow tower with unlimited capacity and are specially designed for long life and relatively clean water. CW towers are suitable for air conditioning, plastic moulding and general industry.

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