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Cooling towers solutions from Lakeside Cooling Towers (Australasia)

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Lakeside Cooling Towers (Australasia)  is one of the cooling manufacturers in Australia. Lakeside Cooling Towers (Australasia) designs as well as manufactures cooling towers in Melbourne, Victoria. Lakeside Cooling Towers (Australasia) also offers a diverse range of components that suit other brands. Lakeside Cooling Towers (Australasia) offers structural integrity analysis. Lakeside Cooling Towers (Australasia) provides one of the most extensive, accurate and technically advanced assessment in terms of customers cooling tower.

Lakeside Cooling Towers (Australasia) offers design solutions with reference to clients cooling requirement that takes into account the removal of process heat, plumbing, size of cooling tower, structural engineering and on going electrical costs. The design of Lakeside Cooling Towers (Australasia) incorporates area utilisation, efficiency and capital costs. All cooling tower range from Lakeside Cooling Towers (Australasia) is designed as well as manufactured to Australian and international standards. Lakeside Cooling Towers (Australasia) designs tower for specialized applications such as environmental gas scrubbers, humidification systems, snow making, smelting, solar system units, emergency ancillary units, steel reclamation, induction cooling, bore water cooling, desalinized water cooling, greenhouse water cooling, steel mills, DVD manufacturing, aluminium smelters.

Lakeside Cooling Towers (Australasia) offers products such as Series MA Counterflow Towers, Series VSA Timber Cross Flow Towers, Series SA Timber Cross Flow Towers, Series CW Timber Cross Flow Towers, Series WM Timber Counterflow Towers, Series VDA/DF Timber Cross Flow Towers.

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