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article image New edition does not require hardware security key.

LABEL Power has released BarTender 7.5 labelling software.

Previous versions of the software were usually shipped with a hardware security key to ensure software license compliance. The new edition does not require the key, instead using software-based activation. This is useful for customers who travel with laptops. Existing customers can upgrade to the new version so that they can use BarTender without the key. Customers who prefer the hardware security key may retain it on request.

Users can either activate the software at install time or at any time in the next 30 days. The software runs on trial edition for the first 30 days if not immediately activated. The software reverts to demo mode if it is not activated after the 30-day trial period. Users who wish to use the software to its full extent can simply activate their software.

There are three ways to activate BarTender. In the automatic method users type in their product key code from within the installer program. The semiautomatic method is operated from a Web browser. The installer program lists the URL address for the activation Web site. Finally the software can be activated manually, by phone. The installer program lists phone numbers customers can call to get their activation code.

New wizards speed beginners through label setup. Users can quickly preview and print label designs without opening formats. OLE DB data sources are now supported. A new wizard simplifies connection to a database.

Background images and colours are user-definable. Users can also automatically bleed backgrounds beyond label edges to ensure full coverage in case of label slippage or poor printer registration. Time and date stamps can now be read from the printer's real time clock.

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