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Label Power Introduces EASYLABEL Net Print Server

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EASYLABEL Net Print Server offered by Label Power is designed to enable client PCs on a local area network to print labels from a web browser without OS compatibility or software issues.  

Network label printing allows client PCs to print labels regardless of their Operating System and without having to install any software.  

First launched at the LabelExpo show in Chicago recently, the EASYLABEL Net Print Server (ELNPS) is an application that provides a web browser-based interface for label selection and printing.  

Users of web browsers on Windows PCs, non-Windows computers running Linux or UNIX, Apple Mac and even a handheld PDA can easily browse and select a label format for printing.  

Although ELNPS clients can be any system with a web browser, the ELNPS Label Server PC must be a Windows-based system because of ELNPS’s use of ASP.NET.  

Functioning of EASYLABEL Net Print Server

  • The format is selected for printing using either a thumbnail image or format name
  • After selection, the variable information is filled in and a request to print a specific number of labels is made
  • The label printing job is submitted through the EASYLABEL Net Print Server application running on a Windows-based Label Server PC
  • Label design can be done on the Windows-based Label Server PC using EASYLABEL or on any other Windows-based PC running a licensed version of EASYLABEL
  • Existing label formats that were created using any version of EASYLABEL can also be imported
  • A hardware licensing key is necessary on the Label Server PC 
  • No software needs to be installed on the client PCs

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