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LXE’s handheld computers receive Cisco CCX Version 3 Certification

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LXE 's MX5, MX7 and MX3X handheld computers and VX6, VX7 and VX3X vehicle mount computers have been certified for Cisco Compatible Extensions Version 3.

With the introduction of the new LXE 802.11g radio, LXE has obtained Cisco CCX Version 3 Certification for its products that are equipped with this radio: LXE’s rugged MX5, MX7 and MX3X hand held computers and VX3X, VX6 and VX7 vehicle mount computers.

The Cisco Compatible Extensions programme ensures that a broad range of WLAN client devices interoperate with and support innovative features of Cisco WLAN infrastructure products.

The Cisco Compatible Extensions program for WLAN devices:

  • Provides tested compatibility with licensed Cisco infrastructure innovations
  • Accelerates the availability of innovative features while maintaining interoperability through wireless standards
  • Enables widespread availability of wireless devices that interoperate with Cisco WLAN infrastructure products

There are four versions of the Cisco Compatible specification and each version builds upon its predecessors. Version 3 features include:

  • Compliance with Wi-Fi Protected Access 2, including support for AES encryption
  • Support for the 802.1X authentication type EAP-FAST

“If customers want to be assured that the wireless products that they are placing on their Cisco wireless network operate efficiently and support the latest Cisco features, they should look for Cisco Compatible Extensions certification,” says Stephen Dubois, Regional Manager LXE Australia.

“We are pleased that our best-selling handheld computers and our rugged vehicle mounted computers, including the new compact VX3X, meet the stringent Cisco Compatible Extensions Version 3 requirements.”

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