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LXE introduces new version rugged wearable computer

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LXE , a manufacturer of rugged wireless computers that improve the performance of supply-chain execution applications, has introduced a new addition to its line of wearable, hands-free computers, the HX2 rugged wearable computer.

The HX2 rugged wearable computer is a small, lightweight data collection computer designed to be worn on an operator’s arm or waist so that both hands are free. This allows operators to more effectively and efficiently perform warehouse inventory tasks, including piece picking to carts, containers or conveyers; case picking; parcel moves; and broken case activities.

Comfortable and easy to use, the computer’s innovative arm bands that secure both the unit and its battery, keep the wearable computer in the ready position at all times. This prevents the unit from rotating around the operator’s arm – a common complaint among existing wearable users.

For greater operator comfort, the adaptable arm bands can be worn close to the elbow or near the wrist.

The compact HX2 rugged wearable computer boasts an extraordinarily bright and crisp colour display for easy viewing in any lighting conditions and from any angle, no longer is there a need for your wearable computer to be front and centre to be read.

The large, backlit keys have been carefully designed for use in high-speed picking environments. The keys are fully mappable, so they can be customised for specific applications.

Incredibly tough, the HX2 rugged wearable computer’s magnesium alloy front and impact-resistant screen are designed to survive the rugged work environments in which they will be used. And the computer’s ring scanners (laser and imager) are built as tough as the main computer.

Both the HX2 rugged wearable computer and its ring scanner accessories were designed with safety in mind. The entire HX2 rugged wearable computer system features breakaway connections at multiple points and a low-profile, smooth design to resist snagging on common warehouse fixtures and equipment.

“With the HX2 rugged wearable computer along with the HX1 dedicated voice computer and the MX7 multimodal scanning/voice handheld computer, LXE now has one of the industry’s most complete suites of data collection solutions for picking,” says Stephen Dubois, LXE’s Regional Manager Australia and New Zealand.

“With LXE, customers can now choose the perfect picking technology for their specific


The HX2 rugged wearable computer is driven by the latest Windows CE 5.0 operating system and an Intel XScale processor. It features an 802.11b/g radio with Bluetooth, so that customers are prepared for the real-time business opportunities of today and tomorrow.

“We’ve integrated the feedback from dozens of current wearable customers into the design of the HX2 rugged wearable computer,” says Stephen. “We’ve developed a unit that not only significantly improves upon these existing wearable terminals, but does so in a manner that won’t disrupt operators who are comfortable with the operation of their existing terminals.”

The HX2 rugged wearable computer also includes LXE’s ToughTalk technology.

ToughTalk technology combines LXE’s trademark ruggedised system design, advanced audio circuitry and noise cancelling techniques which enable the HX2 rugged wearable computer to support today’s industrial-grade voice recognition applications.

With the HX2 rugged wearable computer, customers can run both their voice logistics applications and their traditional barcode scanning applications on the same unit.

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