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LXE introduces new mobile computing solution

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LXE  has introduced ARIA, the next evolution in technology for logistics and supply chain execution.

ARIA represents a suite of mobile computing technologies designed to work in harmony, almost transparently, with warehouse operators in the execution of warehouse transactions.

ARIA is designed to provide a technological platform for companies to develop new, more efficient processes that result in truly sustainable productivity gains.

“Traditional auto-id (AIDC) technologies and the supply chain execution systems they support are proven productivity boosters, but the relationship between the operator, the warehouse management system and the AIDC technology can be too structured at times,” says Stephen Dubois, LXE’s Regional Manager, Australia and New Zealand.

“True productivity gains will come from empowering workers with more flexible combinations of AIDC technologies designed around human behaviours, not the other way around.”

“Achievement of the next level of efficiency in the warehouse will require the coexistence of a variety of AIDC technologies. And the application should ultimately drive the selection of the most appropriate mix of solutions,” says David Krebs, Director, Mobile and Wireless Practice, Venture Development Corporation.

“However, the integration of these technologies – be it traditional bar code scanning, RFID and/or voice recognition – will continue to be the challenge for end users and integrators. In ARIA, LXE is both acknowledging the shift in AIDC technology application and addressing the unique complexities in integrating tomorrow’s systems.”

Anticipated ARIA benefits:

  • ARIA technologies drive significant productivity gains from minimising and improving operator interaction with the warehouse management system. With ARIA, your system serves the operator versus the operator serving the system, resulting in more natural and efficient processes
  • ARIA provides a platform to develop productivity-improving processes previously not possible with traditional stand-alone AIDC technologies. ARIA technologies are intuitive, easy-to-use, and easy-to-understand resulting in more rapid operator acceptance

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