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ZigBee Wireless Communication Systems from LX Innovations

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LX Innovations  is an electronics design company based in Sydney, Australia. The company is a pioneer in consumer product development using PLC and ZigBee-based applications.  

The World is going Wireless. As engineers develop faster, more robust technologies to enable greater simplicity, convenience and efficiency, the adaptability and acceptability of wireless devices is growing.  

From short range to long range, the wireless landscape has taken shape in everyday life. A host of WPAN (Wireless Personal Area Network) technologies are available and among those, ZigBee, which is the next big leap in wireless technology, promises to be a definite bet for monitoring and control of industrial equipment.  

ZigBee is a suite of high-level communication protocols using small, low-power digital radios based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard.  

ZigBee protocols are intended for use in embedded applications requiring low data rates and low power consumption. The technology is intended to be simpler and cheaper than other WPANs such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.  

One of ZigBee's key features is its ability to cover large areas with routers. This feature helps differentiate ZigBee from other WPAN technologies.  

Mesh networking extends the range of the network through routing while self-healing increases the reliability of the network, especially in case of a node failure.  

ZigBee has been developed to meet the growing demand for effective wireless networking between various low-power devices. The ZigBee protocol is designed to communicate data through hostile RF environments that are common in commercial and industrial applications.  

ZigBee is being used for next generation automated manufacturing, with small transmitters in every device on the floor allowing for communication between devices to a central computer.  

This new level of communication permits finely-tuned remote monitoring and manipulation.  

Reliability, adaptability and scalability are the most important attributes of a wireless network for industrial control and sensing applications.  

ZigBee technology is designed to address this and much more. The next generation in automated manufacturing can have distributed devices interconnected wirelessly for seamless operation, yet controlled and monitored remotely from a central location.  

ZigBee technology has the potential to make this happen - a potential that can help the world stride closer to the fully wireless era.

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