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Robots all set to invade consumer electronics

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article image Robots are now making the transition from factories into homes through consumer electronics

Automation and robotics have made a serious impact on industries worldwide, transforming conventional practices into intelligent and efficient processes.

Robots are now making the transition from factories into homes through consumer electronics, especially with home-based robotic systems. As electronic components and electronics designs become cheaper, more of these robots will become affordable.

Several robot innovations were presented at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Mobile Robot Control

Mobile control robots controlling devices remotely are becoming popular. An example of smart phone remote control is a ball, which is actually a robot that can be controlled by a mobile device. A gyroscope sensor and two micro-wheels inside the ball make it roll on every command.

Communication between the phone and the device is done through Bluetooth. The ball can be moved using the virtual joystick on the mobile and a predefined pattern can be drawn for the ball to follow. The ball can also be made to glow in the dark.

Dancing Robot Music

The robot music device successfully combines robots and music with the robot transforming from a simple mp3 player with speaker to a humanoid once the music starts. It can also dance to the beat by programming it through the included remote control.

The dancing robot music device can store 2 GB of music or approximately 500 songs.

Balancing Robot Toys

A recent robot development can make the robot move back and forth by swinging the stick of the controller to the right direction. It can even move its head following the movement of the controller.

Balancing is done through the help of a gyroscope attached to the robot’s chest. Inside the controller is another gyroscope with an accelerometer for detecting the movements.

Singing Robot Vacuums

Robot vacuum cleaners are slowly replacing traditional vacuum cleaners, helping to save time and effort. The intelligent cleaners can now be controlled using a smart phone or smart tablet.

Deebot, a recent innovation is a vacuum robot that can also work as a personal entertainer, as it can sing tunes and dance to the music.

Walk-about Workstations

Developed for use at home or in the office, the workstations feature a high-tech chair in addition to three 19-inch LCD monitors, a 7” LCD touch screen control panel, a webcam, wireless headset with noise-cancelling, and perimeter and working headlights plus full spectrum lighting for avoiding jaundice.

The seat is made of top-line leather with climate package and head and tilt adjustment. An air purification system is also present.

The Sydney-based LX Group is an award-winning electronics design company offering full turnkey design, electronics, hardware, software and firmware design with specialisation in embedded systems and wireless technology design.

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