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LX Innovations comment on using robotic technology in industrial vehicle applications

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Robotic technology is now highly evolved with most manufacturing operations in major industries now being automated with the help of robots. Robotic technology is converging with a wide variety of complementary technologies, including sensors, positioning technologies, speech recognition technologies, and advanced mechanics, to deliver activities once considered science-fiction.

With this evolution of robotics, the next big use is in the field of industrial vehicles. Though still in it's early stages, robot powered vehicles promise to drive industrial automation onto a whole new level. Robotic industrial vehicles will be able to automate the material handling and transport requirements for industries, especially those that deal with hazardous machines, dangerous substances, heavy materials or unpleasant environments.

Key characteristics of robotic industrial vehicles include:

  • built in intelligence thanks to embedded control systems
  • easy manoeuvring and positioning thanks to existing electronic control mechanisms in vehicles and opportunities presented by GPS systems, sensors, and Wi-Fi technology
  • rugged and heavy duty sensors act as the eyes and ears of the robot and ensure error free operation and navigation in the harshest of environments
  • interoperability between robots is easily acheived thanks to the microcontroller-based system
  • navigation and management using a central control centre that also helps in strategically locating vehicles for optimal operational efficiency.
Benefits of using robotic technology in industrial vehicles include:
  • increased productivity
  • improved reliability
  • increased safety
  • enhanced precision
  • wider range of possible operation environments
  • increased flexibility
  • reduced labour costs and oeprational expenses.

The implementation of robotic technology in industrial vehicles is ideal for a industries such as:
  • mining - continuous mining for underground vehicles
  • manufacturing - transportation of goods and materials
  • farming - autonomous tractors
  • hazardous substances - transportation of hazardous materials
  • interplanetary exploration - vehicles used for inter-planetary explorations.
Leaders in most industries consider industrial robotic technology as one of the key elements in their manufacturing and business strategies. Robotics is no longer considered just a stationary replacement for workers in a factory. Now the use of robotic technology to automate industrial vehicles is considered a huge step forward in achieving seamless automation of the an entire industrial operation.

This information on using robotic technology in industrial vehicles was provided by LX Innovations .

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