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LX Innovations comment on embedded systems making marked difference to electronics design

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As modern equipment becomes increasingly more "intelligent", and markets move away from manually controlled equipment, electronic devices have grown to be more autonomous and able to deal with a wide range of tasks. The intelligence of these devices resides in what are known as embedded systems.

Embedded systems allow electronics designers to build enhanced functionality and robustness into a small device, and just as the embedded systems industry has grown in recent years, so has the application of embedded systems. From devices capable of managing simple control systems to those with highly functional real-time operating systems that manage a host of tasks, many of them rely on intelligent embedded systems.

Embedded systems are computers programmed to support a predefined set of tasks with little or no human intervention. They form part of a complete device, including hardware and mechanical parts.

Embedded systems are highly versatile and as such can be used in a wide variety of equipment ranging from simple products, such as digital watches or TV remote controls, to huge complex machines used in manufacturing units.

Key characteristics of embedded systems include:

  • simple yet robust
  • real time and reactive operation
  • low power and limited cooling
  • small size and low weight
  • safe and reliable
  • wide range of user interfaces
  • low cost
Embedded systems are based on the concept of microcontrollers, which make integrated systems possible by combining several features together into what is essentially an entire computer on a single chip. Advantages of such a system include:
  • less complications and enhanced efficiency due to limited functionality
  • few external components enabling size miniaturisation and optimal resource utilisation
  • simple maintainenance due to smaller size and limited components
  • economical implementation.
The uses for embedded systems in electronic design are endless and thanks to the advent of microcontrollers with excellent processing capabilities at reduced costs embedded systems are finding their way into a wide range of devices and machinery.

Those interested in learning more about how embedded systems can reduce costs and increase efficiency can contact LX Innovations .

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