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LX Group explores the benefits of test jigs in electronics manufacturing

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Leading electronics design company, LX Group emphasises the importance of in-line test jigs in product manufacturing processes.

One of the most crucial phases in the manufacture of any product, testing is recommended before the product is fully assembled. Wrong processes may lead to faulty products that can turn out to be very expensive for the company in terms of loss of customers and litigation.

In-line test jigs allow the inner workings and parts to be fully tested before the product is fully assembled to reduce the chances of failure afterwards. Test jigs can be made to test a variety of features and components in any product from television screens to microwave ovens before it is fully assembled.

In-line test jigs are particularly important in electronics manufacturing for reasons such as reduced production time and cost, support for high as well as low volume outputs, and increased quality.

Reduce Production Time and Cost

Every product rolling out of the electronics manufacturing line needs to be completely tested, no matter how time-consuming the process. But on manufacturing lines producing hundreds or thousands of units each day, individual testing can hold up the line and delay production.

Automatic test jigs can ensure smoother production flows by quickly weeding out defective parts and products from the line. They can also reduce labour costs as even non-technical people can perform the testing.

Suitable for High or Low Volume Output

Test jigs can be built and customised for any type of electronics manufacturing and almost any volume of output. They can be most helpful in mass production, especially when taking into account economies of scale. Test jigs can also be modified to suit the smaller volume outputs of small to medium scale electronic manufacturers without the increased cost of large scale production. Smaller operations rely on test jigs to keep costs down and quality tight.

Increased Quality

Test jigs, an essential component of quality assurance ultimately benefit the customers as defective products caught early on in the manufacturing line do not make it to the box and into the end-user’s hands.

In-line test jigs help electronics manufacturers maintain their stellar record for product quality, resulting in repeat customers and a better reputation in the industry.

LX Group is an award-winning electronics design company based in Sydney, Australia, specialising in embedded systems and wireless technology design.

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