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UPCO and Olson International selected for operational excellence in manufacturing

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Infor has announced that UPCO and Olson International, two of Infor's discrete manufacturing customers, have made the list of the world's best manufacturers according to Managing Automation's third annual Progressive Manufacturing 50 Awards.

UPCO and Olson were selected for operational excellence in manufacturing, due in part to Infor's business-specific solutions for discrete manufacturing.

The Progressive Manufacturing 50 Awards recognises the world's most progressive manufacturers that have achieved distinction in at least one of the eight core disciplines defined by Managing Automation as critical to business success in the years ahead.

Judged by an independent panel, the list recognizes manufacturers that are progressive in their businesses, in the management of their operations and in their use of advanced technologies.

In today's competitive landscape, these enterprising manufacturers have taken progressive action to advancing their market share potential.

Infor is committed to enriching, extending and evolving its portfolio of solutions to help companies like UPCO and Olson achieve best practices in manufacturing and we applaud their forward-thinking approach to integrating technology into their businesses practices.

UPCO won for their project UPCO lean manufacturing which was designed to improve quality and meet customer service needs. As part of the project, UPCO reconfigured its information technology processes using Infor ERP Visual Easy Lean, a robust solution for discrete manufacturers that supports UPCO's demand-driven manufacturing environment.

UPCO completely changed its approach to manufacturing, which not only made the facility more productive, but also each person in it.

The addition of Visual Easy Lean has enabled UPCO to reduce inventory by 30% while supporting a 35% increase in sales. Coupled with the changes we made to material handling processes, the project has resulted in $1 million in savings.

Olson International developed The Lean Team, a process improvement taskforce charged with helping the company step out of its roots in the traditional manufacturing model and fully embrace the tenets of lean manufacturing.

With this goal in mind, the company implemented Infor ERP SyteLine advanced planning and scheduling in an effort to reduce overtime, decrease inventories, increase on-time delivery, improve communication with suppliers and increase profitability.

Introducing SyteLine advanced planning and Scheduling has completely redefined Olson’s production scheduling process.

Olson has decreased days in inventory, freight expenses and overtime, while improving on-time deliveries to 99.7%.

More details are available with LSA Australia.

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