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Managing change effectively with flexible ERP systems for rapid ROI

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According to Infor, a flexible ERP system arms the business with the power to respond to change.  

Access to timely data combines with process consistency and process discipline to dramatically streamline everyday operational procedures and improve business flexibility, allowing the business to easily adapt to virtually any changing condition.  

These changes may include new government and industry regulations, unexpected delay in a shipment of raw materials or a need to develop new product to keep up with changing trends. One may also need to collaborate with customers and suppliers placed in different time zones with different computer systems and different languages.  

Business processes that previously took a week to 10 days can now be accomplished in minutes with the right ERP system, executed automatically by enabling the effective virtual integration of all business systems.  

Key benefits delivering a rapid ROI for this critical business solution include:  

  • Increased employee productivity 
  • Increased plant throughput 
  • Decreased inventory levels and work in process (WIP) 
  • Reduced operating costs 
  • Increased margins and profitability 
  • Improved cash flow and order-to-cash cycle times 
  • Faster production turnaround times 
  • Ability to set and deliver on ‘capable to promise’ (CTP) delivery dates 
  • Increased customer service, satisfaction and retention    
Developed specifically for small to medium sized manufacturers, Infor VISUAL Enterprise is an ERP software system that enables the company to seamlessly combine its business data into a single voice and view.  

The discrete manual and paper-based processes associated with separate systems are replaced by a flexible ERP solution that grows with the business.  

ERP solutions allow information to be moved electronically throughout the operation in real time, automating everyday processes and eliminating paper, while providing a detailed audit trail and ensuring compliance with disciplined procedures.  

The resulting reduction in cycle times provides the business agility required to manage change today and in the future.  

Infor VISUAL Enterprise ERP software is available from LSA Australia Pty Limited .

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