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The Service Pager from LRS is the only on-site pager to feature wireless programmability. This enables the user to easily change the number of any pager from the transmitter at their location. This feature is ideal for servers in restaurants eliminating the need for grease pencils and white boards. It is also the only rechargeable pager that utilizes a pager cradle instead of an attached belt clip. The pager cradle minimizes breakage limiting service costs and repair fees. The LRS service pager has the strongest vibration in the industry making it the workhorse of many industries including restaurants, nurseries, salons, and retail. In addition to its vibration alert, the LRS service pager has 4 messaging LED lights that will enhance overall communication. 

Keep Your Servers on the Floor Selling More.LRS server paging systems let your servers spend more time with guests instead of waiting in the kitchen for orders. When an order is up, the kitchen staff simply pages the server so they can pick it up. There’s no name lookup or shiftchange to worry about. And, since servers spend more time on the floor, you get higher check averages and faster table turns.

Why You Need Them:

• Widest selection of server paging systems on the market
• Deliver food faster since servers know the moment an order is ready
• Servers spend more time with guests so they can upsell menu items
• Greater guest satisfaction
• Faster service and larger check averages mean better tips for servers
• Simple one-touch operation on all transmitters
• Wireless programmability* lets you re-program pager numbers from the transmitter  

System Features:
• UHF frequency for stronger signal penetration of walls and floors (international frequencies also available)
• Rechargeable NiMH batteries last years longer with no “memory” problems
• Duty Page* function automatically notifies staff members about regularly scheduled tasks (check bathrooms, drain dishwater, etc.)
• Manager Repage* function notifies the manager when a server fails to pick up food after an allotted time has expired (available with cancel panel only)
• FCC and CE approved

Product Specifications:

  •  Reprogrammable feature allows you to program its pager number on site.
  • 4 messaging LED’s UHF frequency (420-470 MHz)
  • Shock-resistant casing
  • "Super Strong" Vibration Longest possible range Vibration, beep, or vibe/beep alert modes
  • Cradle holder prevents broken pager clips
  •  Nickel metal hydride batteries (no battery memory) Overall size: 3" x 2.25" 

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