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Lighting solutions from LPE Group

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LPE Group  offers innovative light, power and energy solutions. LPE Group is involved in offering light products distributed by Gewiss, SPI and Visionline.

Eurolite range of industrial and commercial lighting from Gewiss is offered by LPE Group. These Eurolite ranges of lights are ideal for much type of projects. Dedalo ranges of lights are available in standard graphite colours and are made from metals. It comes with optics which can be adjusted to 6-30 degree and it has a control gear placed at base of the light.

Titano range of lights from LPE Group and come in graphite colours. This type of light is also available in 150- 400 watts metal halide with high sodium lamps. Titano lights come with four types of optics and are available in two different forms. Znt range lights offer 4 x 55 watt package and are available in opal base colour. The lamps placed are fluorescent lamps that are compact and bright. It comes with wide optics and optional beam restrictors.

LPE Group also offers Colosseum high pressure sodium lights which come with seven type of optics and it is resistant to corrosion. It is easy to maintain and the ignitor is positioned at back of the light.

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