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Thermoplastic bonding ‘easier than ever’

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article image No preparation or primers.

LOCTITE 3030 Polyolefin Bonder enables manufacturers to expand design options, boost productivity, and improve product performance.

This new self-mixing, two-component, thixotropic acrylic adhesive eliminates mechanical fasteners, plastic welding, surface treatments, hot melt or solvent-based adhesives, and primers.

It sets quickly to allow products to be assembled faster and easier.

Available through Henkel Australia , Loctite 3030 is designed primarily to bond low energy substrates such as polyethylene and polypropylene, and can be used as a general-purpose adhesive on many other substrates.

Features include:

* Excellent adhesion for PP, LDPE, HDPE & similar plastics.

* Fast curing: 3 to 5 minutes gel time, <10 minutes fixture time.

* No primer or surface treatment necessary.

* Solventless - no volatiles.

* Non-flammable.

* Bonds dissimilar substrates.

* Best on substrates of similar flexibility.

* Contains beads to control bond thickness.

* Gap filling.

According to Michael Wilkinson, marketing manager for Loctite products, Loctite 3030 Polyolefin Bonder brings adhesives up to the level of contemporary plastics technology.

“Where previous adhesives have depended upon processes that modify the properties of the substrate to achieve a reliable bond, this new product is purpose designed as a one-step solution for bonding most difficult or ‘impossible-to-bond’ materials.

“In essence, this new product makes the bonding of polyolefin as simple as bonding wood and opens a huge range of new design possibilities and manufacturing efficiencies."

Loctite 3030 is designed for bonding difficult to bond substrates, such as HDPE, LDPE, and PP. The product offers good resistance to many chemicals, allowing it to be used to assemble small appliances, signs and displays, speaker components, battery cases, liquid tanks, and storage bins.

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