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article image Loctite Sticks are portable and easy to identify.

LOCTITE has added three new products to their successful Sticks range. These second-generation products include Loctite 668 Retaining Compound, 548 Flange Sealant and 534 Hi-Tack Gasket Dressing, to bring the total selection of Sticks products to seven. Loctite products are manufactured by Henkel .

Loctite Sticks deliver the quality and reliability of Loctite products in a semi-solid form. The colour-coded packaging is easy to identify, convenient to carry in a pocket or toolbox and the semi-solid consistency of the formulations make it quick and clean to apply, even in overhead applications.

“The Loctite Sticks range of products is not intended to replace the conventional Loctite products in a bottle or tube, but rather, they are offered as an alternative, where greater convenience, flexibility or the need for application in difficult situations is required, “ said Marketing Manager for Loctite products, Michael Wilkinson. “The semi-solid form is easy to apply and easy to carry.”

The Loctite 668 Retaining Compound Stick is a product used for assembly of non-threaded cylindrical metal parts with diametrical gaps of up to 0.13mm (0.005”). It fills the inner voids between the mating surfaces and cures to a tough thermoset polymer that locks components, preventing relative movement. It can be used for mounting bearings and bushings, adds strength to traditional press-fit assemblies and prevents movement in keyways and splines.

The Loctite 548 Gasket Eliminator Flange Sealant Stick is a product designed for use in rigid metal flange assemblies. It forms a flexible, solvent resistant seal that offers excellent oil resistance and fills gaps up to 0.25mm (0.01”). It is suitable for use on a variety of rigid metal surfaces including aluminium and it can be a convenient alternative when conventional gaskets are not available for on-the-spot repairs.

The Loctite 534 Hi-Tack Gasket and Sealant Stick is a product ideal to dress conventional cut gaskets. It also allows a gasket to be positioned and held in place for assembly. The product holds aggressively, yet still allows for repositioning of the cut gasket. The Loctite 534 seals and bonds rubber, cork, paper, felt and metal gaskets and is ideal for use in applications requiring oil resistance.

The range of Loctite Stick sealants and lubricants are available from all good industrial and bearing suppliers, automotive spare parts outlets or your local stockist of Loctite products.

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