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New Loctite lubricant spray launched at NMW

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article image Loctite ML-11 lubricant

Loctite (Henkel Australia) has launched a new multipurpose lubricant spray formulated to protect metal surfaces against corrosion and rust.

The new Loctite ML-11 Multi-Purpose Maintain Lube is a light, semi-drying oil type spray that penetrates, lubricates, displaces water, cleans surfaces and provides protection to metal surfaces, preventing development of corrosion.

The product is suitable for many applications including vehicle parts, side rails, tools and industrial machinery.

The high penetration strength of Loctite ML-11 lubricant helps release rust and seal out moisture on application, enhancing corrosion protection and rust prevention. The high performance lube spray also prevents seizure, reduces noise, cleans parts and provides necessary lubrication. Additionally, it is an excellent cleanser for removing rubber and glue from metal surfaces.

The Loctite ML-11 spray can features an ergonomic design, allowing the product to be sprayed out in a 360-degree wide range, while the special bendable jet design nozzle enables application in hard-to-reach areas.

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