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Loctite presents new Freeze and Release lubricant

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There is hardly anything worse than a corroded or rusted nut, bolt or stud. Trying to free it can hold up a job, cause frustration and cost money.

Loctite presents ‘Freeze and Release’ an innovative and highly effective way of releasing those stubborn components.

Put simply; it is called Loctite ‘Freeze and Release’, and that is exactly what it does.

Releases seized and corroded parts by shock freezing

Released parts remain lubricated and protected from corrosion

Once the corroded parts have been cleaned of loose dirt and rust, the spray is applied directly from the can.

An application of between five and ten seconds is enough to instantly chill seized and rusted parts by 43oC.

The product’s exceptional ‘shock-freeze’ formula produces a differential thermal contraction that creates microscopic cracks in the layer of rust. This then allows the lubricating ingredient to wick directly into the rust by means of capillary action.

The assembly can then be easily dismantled.

As well as releasing the seized parts, Loctite ‘Freeze and Release’ lubricates the parts and helps prevent future corrosion.

Typlical applications include (but are not limited to); seized and corroded assemblies of threaded and cylindrical parts across all industries including cars, trucks, marine, agriculture and construction machinery and general industry.

The best way to shift tough, rusted on nuts is to freeze them with Loctite’s new ‘Freeze and Release’.

The product provides a simple solution to an uncompromising problem.

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