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Pipe sealing products from Loctite (Henkel Australia) deliver superior reliability in preventing the escape of gases and fluids.

The Loctite range comprises of professional pipe sealing products designed to seal pipes, joints and other pipe sealing applications.

Loctite seals with pipe sealing cord

Loctite 55, an all-purpose seal specially developed for pipe sealing can be used to replace hemp, pastes or PTFE tape. Simply wound onto the pipe thread directly from the dispenser, Loctite 55 is used as a seal for metal and plastic tapered threads in industrial applications with aqueous and non-aqueous fluids. Loctite 55 is clean and easy to work with, and is particularly fast and cost-efficient.

Loctite anaerobic seals

Anaerobic materials for pipe sealing harden to insoluble plastic fillings and provide protection from leaks. Anaerobic single-component fillers fill the microscopically small gaps between the interlocking threads and polymerise to a tough solid on contact with metal when air is excluded.

Loctite offers pipe sealing products for use with metal and stainless steel, providing a slow-curing seal for readjustment of the connections and medium strength pipe sealing.

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