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Loctite (Henkel Australia) presents wet peel ply surface preparation material

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article image Wet peel ply surface preparation material

There has been a need in industry for a long time for a surface preparation product and process that does not require any additional surface preparation. Loctite (Henkel Australia) introduces Hysol wet peel plies which innovatively meet this requirement.

This brand of wet peel plies are supplied in film form and come in two different types. Hysol EA 9895 WPP is a pre-impregnated polyester product especially designed for curing at 177 degrees celsius and Hysol EA 9896 WWP is made of nylon and has been designed for lower temperatures of 121 degrees celsius.

Peel plies surface preparation materials are an attractive way of preparing composite bonding surfaces. They are generally applied as the final layer in the composite laminate sequence and after curing they are peeled away from the surface to leave a clean and activated surface ready for bonding composite structures.

Hysol wet peel plies leave minimal residual peel ply fibres at the bond surface after curing and removal. Therefore compared with dry peel plies no further processing, for example sanding and solvent wiping, are necessary prior to secondary bonding operations. These wet ply surface preparation materials have also been found to show greater durability than the dry alternatives. This results in lower repair costs and reduced shop time.

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