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Henkel launches new and improved Loctite instant adhesives

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Loctite (Henkel Australia)  announces the launch of a new range of instant adhesives in a new and improved formula.

The new range of instant adhesives is the result of Henkel’s commitment to develop and deliver innovative products required by industrial customers in today’s competitive environment.

Offering higher temperature and humidity resistance, Loctite instant adhesives can reliably bond almost any combination of materials in seconds. The new formulation is suited to a wider range of industrial applications.

General Purpose, Universal (401, 406, 454) instant adhesives:

Featuring an improved formulation, the general purpose adhesives can resist temperatures up to 120°C against the previous service temperature limit of 80°C. The fast fixture speed makes the general purpose adhesives particularly suited for bonding a wide variety of materials including metals, plastics, elastomers, paper, leather, cork, fabric, wood and chromate plated parts. The adhesives also enjoy a fast cure even in challenging environments.

Low Odour/ Low Bloom (403, 408, 460) instant adhesives:

Developed for aesthetically pleasing results, the low bloom range allows for a neat finish with reduced white residue ‘blooming’ or ‘frosting’. The low odour enhances user comfort during usage in confined spaces or areas with low air flow. The adhesives are resistant up to 100°C with high moisture resistance.

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