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Fixmaster Magna-Crete concrete repair solution available from Loctite

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article image Main: Concrete chimney stacks; inset: Fixmaster Magna-Crete

When the Maintenance Engineers from Loy Yang Power began working on solutions to repair the plant’s concrete chimney stacks they sought Henkel Australia’s expertise in Loctite Composite solutions.

These valuable assets were in need of serious and immediate remedial works.

Mortar plugs which were part of the original construction process had over time begun to dislodge from varying heights. There are over 14,000 plugs in the 254m high chimneys. That is about the same height as Melbourne’s Rialto Building, Sydney’s Centre Point Tower or Gold Coast’s Q1.

Preventative measures to protect assets such as the chimney superstructures had become the plant’s top priority, both for the protection of the concrete and also for the safety of people working on the ground.

Loctite ’s Surface Engineering Division, (a group within Henkel Australia that has expertise and experience in rehabilitating and reclaiming of both concrete and metal structures), were confident that they could address the problems at hand.

A solution was presented to the Loy Yang Engineers using Loctite Fixmaster Magna-Crete.

Fixmaster Magna-Crete is a two-component, rapid setting concrete repair and grouting system.

During trial applications of the product Loy Yang Maintenance Engineers saw the features and benefits of Loctite Fixmaster Magna-Crete.

Henkel Engineers commenting on the project explained that conventional concrete repairs are prone to delamination and cracking, whereas Loctite Fixmaster Magna-Crete is a high performance, magnesium-phosphate based system, perfect for this particular application.

Loctite Fixmaster Magna-Crete can be applied over existing structural reinforcements and will not shrink or crack and is freeze / thaw, chemical and impact resistant.

Unlike concrete, Loctite Fixmaster Magna-Crete bonds to new and old concrete as well as many construction materials including wood and steel.

Henkel stressed that with these types of repairs, it is important to consider the process of application as well as the product selection; a cradle to grave approach is needed when working on these types of projects.

The expertise of Savcor ART secured the tender to carry out the repairs on the chimney stacks and have since developed a strong enthusiasm for working with Henkel.

Business Development Manager, Paul Daffy commented that he had received encouraging feedback from the operations team onsite.

Particular mention was given to the ease of use of Loctite Fixmaster Magna-Crete, as well as the fast cure time of within ten minutes for many plugs.

He also commended Loctite on their professional conduct when training his team and for regular follow-up throughout the duration of the project.

With these repairs now complete Loy Yang Power, Victoria’s large power station, can continue to be a reliable and efficient energy source for consumers across south eastern Australia.

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