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Fast curing threadlocking technology

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article image Loctite threadlocker products.

LOCTITE has introduced two new threadlocker products designed to achieve rapid fixture strength without the use of primers.

Threadlocking compounds, a product invented by Loctite and available through Henkel Australia , are anaerobic curing liquids that cure in the presence of a metal and absence of oxygen.

When used on the threads of a metal fastener, the product keys into the minute imperfections of the metal surfaces, curing to a tough thermoset polymer that prevents loosening from the effects of vibration and thermal cycling while sealing the threads against corrosion.

With an initial cure up to 400% faster than conventional threadlockers, the new products - Loctite 2440 and 2760 - are suitable for worksites where flammable primers are restricted or for those that demand faster curing.

Available in both medium and high strength formulations, the products also feature resistance to a wide range of chemicals.

Loctite 2440 Threadlocker is a medium strength, fast curing formulation suitable for applications such as pump or motor mounting bolts, engine rocker nuts or equipment housing screws where disassembly with hand tools is required for servicing.

Loctite 2760 Threadlocker is a fast curing, high strength grade suitable for heavy-duty applications such as bolts used in transmissions, construction equipment or railroad assemblies where heavy shock and stress levels are experienced.

According to Loctite marketing manager Michael Wilkinson the new products deliver fast curing speed without the inconvenience and time cost of primer pre-treatment.

“These products will improve reliability by making correct assembly faster and easier,” he said.

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