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Bonus magnifying glass in Loctite promotion

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LOCTITE has added a novel twist to product sampling programs. For a limited period a special promotional 50ml pack of Loctite 262 Super Studlock threadlocking compound contains a Loctite magnifying glass.

The high optical quality magnifying glass requires simple user assembly with a drop of Loctite 609 Retaining Compound - also included in the bonus pack.

Loctite's Michael Wilkinson sees this as an ideal opportunity to demonstrate another of Loctite’s technology groups to existing users of its products, providing information and a quality premium at no added cost to the user.

Retaining compounds are anaerobic adhesives similar to threadlocking compounds. The major physical difference between the two groups is the higher strength usually developed by the retaining products.

While threadlocking compounds are used for securing threaded fasteners, retaining compounds are designed for bonding cylindrical objects like bearings, bushes, locating pins etc., providing cost effective, reliable and predictable results.

Applied to components as a liquid, after assembly, the presence of an active metal and the exclusion of air initiates a curing process that converts the liquid to a tough thermoset polymer.

This solid polymer locks into the microscopic pores of the metal components preventing relative movement and preventing the ingress of moisture and other corrosive agents.

The benefits of using retaining compounds are many. Firstly, high levels of strength can be achieved.

In a traditional press or interference fit, surface irregularity means that only 20% of the surface area will be in contact.

With retaining compounds the entire void is filled and, after curing, 100% of the surface area is used to hold the assembly.

In effect, this means that expensive fine machining of interference fits can now be eliminated and the availability of different grades provides a consistent and predictable level of both strength and removability for future dismantling.

Loctite provides a complete range of retaining compounds with special formulations for high strength and high chemical resistance.

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