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article image High performance ByLaser 6000.

BYSTRONIC, represented by LMC Laser Services , has released a new laser, the high performance ByLaser 6000, on the Australasian market. The laser has an output of 6kW and is designed to complement the existing portfolio (2.2kW to 5.2kW) of Bystronic lasers.

The higher laser power output increases the range of sheet metal thicknesses that can be processed by Bystronic cutting systems. For example, this laser can reliably and economically process 15mm stainless steel.

The laser is equally adept at other demanding cutting processes in thinner materials where performance has been improved via state-of-the-art engineering of optical parameters and more effective power control.

The additional laser power also improves process security of the entire laser cutting machine and ensures the punctual and efficient execution of scheduled throughput.

This ability, coupled with low overall power consumption for this class of laser output, means cost-effective cutting performance on a wide variety of jobs.

The ByLaser 6000 represents the next stage in the on-going expansion of the portfolio of Bystronic laser sources. The new laser is the first Bystronic laser that operates on the basis of high-frequency (HF) discharge technology.

The new technology ensures that the ByLaser 6000 requires minimal service intervention and has a long service life, while its compact design affords a high level of mechanical and optical stability.

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