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Industry grade air regulator from LINKRICH

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An air regulator is a device, which controls either valve upstream or downstream pressure. The amount of air supplied from a compressor to compressed air equipment can be adjusted or regulated by an air regulator. A gauge is normally attached for precision of airflow.

AIRSUPPLY offers industry grade air regulator with gauge reading up to 150 PSI for better compressed air pressure control. Features bracket for panel mounting and push to lock adjustment knob with good flow and regulating characteristics, AIRSUPPLY air regulator is easy for users to operate. Modular FRL unit can be formed by adding on air filter and lubricator to air regulator as needed.

AIRSUPPLY also offers simple brass air regulator without gauge for people who only need to on and off the compressed airflow. Features a simple twist control knob for adjusting air flow, AIRSUPPLY brass air regulator offers users a simple and quick solution without having to on and off the compressor, or connect and disconnect the equipment from air lines.

AIRSUPPLY is a dedicated brand to serve the compressed air equipment market. AIRSUPPLY range is continuously growing so as to achieve aim of providing one-stop shopping experience for all compressed air equipment needs at competitive prices and without compromising quality. AIRSUPPLY is distributed by LINKRICH, an Australian owned company dedicated in supplying tools and machinery directly to the Australian market.

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