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TECHLINE actuator systems easily integrated with balers for better control
17.06.2017 - TECHLINE actuator systems from actuation solutions specialist LINAK Australia can be easily integrated with the control system of balers.
New SAE J1939 CAN bus control with IC for LA36 actuators
06.06.2017 - LINAK Australia has introduced the new SAE J1939 CAN bus control for LA36 actuators as an all-in-one package solution.
LINAK electric actuators for Chicago wastewater treatment upgrade
30.05.2017 - Several Danish companies are taking part in a ground-breaking upgrade of a wastewater treatment facility in Chicago, USA.
How ergonomics in the production line improves performance and productivity
28.05.2017 - LINAK Australia explains the importance of ergonomics in a production line.
Making Techline products even better
23.05.2017 - Actuation solutions specialist LINAK has invested in new advanced tools to meet the higher performance requirements sought by users in Techline products.
LINAK’s IC parallel actuator solution
08.05.2017 - LINAK Australia presents an IC parallel actuator solution that allows the user to drive up to eight actuators in parallel with precise movement.
IC Advanced customisable actuator solutions
03.05.2017 - Techline actuators from LINAK Australia with the IC Advanced option help users tailor the perfect movement solution for their specific application.
IC Basic plug and play actuator solution
30.04.2017 - The IC Basic from LINAK Australia is a straightforward actuator solution that comes pre-configured to meet the application’s exact requirements.
Plug & play actuator monitoring with IC and BUS communication
27.04.2017 - LINAK’s actuators with integrated controllers allow for easy control and precise positioning.
Video: Get your application up and running with LINAK’s Plug & Play solutions
25.04.2017 - Plug & Play solutions from LINAK Australia are helping industries stay competitive by getting their applications up and running in no time.
Fight sedentary behaviour with a sit stand desk
23.04.2017 - Regular exercise cannot undo the damaging effects of sedentary behaviour, says LINAK Australia.
DEUTZ-FAHR tractor hood now opening with LINAK LA36 actuator
20.04.2017 - LA36 actuators from LINAK have been integrated into the new DEUTZ-FAHR tractor hoods to assist with opening and closing.
IECEx and ATEX approved actuators for safe and accurate grain handling
18.04.2017 - LINAK Australia introduces a range of actuator solutions approved to IECEx and ATEX standards for safe and accurate grain handling applications.
LINAK moves the kitchen
21.03.2016 - Originally published in the German magazine Küchenplaner, this four page article gives insights about the mechanisms in the kitchen industry.
The flexible solution for balers
21.03.2016 - High level of customisation in the actuator LA36 is just one of the reasons why Kverneland decided to integrate actuator technology in their new balers.
Fast, easy and intuitive assembly of office desks
21.03.2016 - Ever since Kick & Click ™ was launched, we have experienced great feedback from our customers.
Two controls in one unit with the Hand Control HD80
21.03.2016 - Added efficiency and safety to your healthcare application.
Control panels uniquely developed for kitchens
21.03.2016 - Control up to three individual movements with just one control panel. That is now possible with the newly launched control panels DPF2K and DPF3K.
New additions to Techline System Solutions
21.03.2016 - TECHLINE system solutions now include three extra options for the heavy lifters LA36 and LA37 with Integrated Controller (IC).
Revisit the highlights from Stockholm Furniture Fair
21.03.2016 - Nearly two weeks have passed, since the doors to Stockholm Furniture Fair closed. Once again, we would like to thank those of you, who came by our stand.
New LINAK TECHLINE compact actuator for reliability in extreme conditions
26.09.2014 - LINAK Australia presents a new range of compact actuators designed to provide reliable performance even under extreme conditions.
LINAK releases its strongest TECHLINE actuator
25.11.2013 - LINAK Australia announces the release of the latest version of its LA37 actuators developed specifically for heavy duty applications.
LINAK releases inline column for electric height adjustable design desks
24.10.2013 - LINAK Australia has introduced a new inline column to its innovative DESKLINE family.
New TECHLINE LA23 IC actuators from LINAK Australia simplify installation
06.12.2012 - LINAK Australia presents the new TECHLINE LA23 IC actuators designed to simplify installation with integrated intelligent control.
LA37 linear actuators from LINAK Australia designed for tough applications
23.03.2012 - Now available from LINAK Australia, LA37 actuators have been specially designed to provide a higher lifting capacity and holding force, making them ideal for tough applications such as solar tracking.
LINAK Australia has recently launched into the Russian market
12.03.2012 - The recently established LINAK office will focus on the markets in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and White Russia.
LINAK honoured with export prize
07.03.2012 - LINAK France won the 2011 export prize awarded by the Danish-French Chamber of Commerce for remarkable and innovative efforts in the French market.
Meet Danish designer Tine Mouritsen at the LINAK stand at Stockholm Furniture Fair
08.02.2012 - Danish designer Tine Mouritsen has designed two height adjustable office desks with electrical linear movement from LINAK.
CBD5 DESKLINE control boxes from LINAK Australia with cable grooves
01.12.2011 - LINAK Australia presents the popular range of CBD5 DESKLINE control boxes with cable grooves.
TECHLINE LA12 linear actuators for harsh conditions available from LINAK
10.10.2011 - Available from LINAK Australia, the LA12 linear actuator is a practical and cost effective alternative to traditional pneumatic systems and gear motors.
New BL1 lifting columns from LINAK Australia
30.09.2011 - LINAK Australia introduces two new models to their family of lifting columns.
TECHLINE LP2 lifting columns available now from LINAK Australia
03.08.2011 - LINAK Australia are suppliers of TECHLINE lifting columns, including the LP2 range of vertical lifting columns which are ideal where vertical positioning of substantial loads is required.
DPF1C desk panels from LINAK Australia with low standby power consumption
07.07.2011 - DPF1C desk panels from LINAK Australia are designed to show the height of the table in height adjustable desks.
New CB6S OBM Control Boxes from LINAK Increase Flexibility
01.07.2011 - LINAK Australia offers a range of innovative solutions for intelligent bed and various medical applications to meet the demands of future care environments.
New Lifting Columns from LINAK Australia for Industrial Workstations
30.06.2011 - LINAK Australia introduces a new range of Desklift lifting columns designed for industrial workstations.
Precise positioning, increased safety and multipurpose usage with the new LINAK LA23 actuators
28.06.2011 - LINAK Australia offers a small but very powerful line of actuators that is now available with three optional features to ensure precise positioning, increased safety and multipurpose usage.
LINAK to Upgrade DESKLINE Control Boxes to Save Power and Lower CO2 Emissions
24.06.2011 - LINAK Australia is taking an environmentally-responsible initiative to lower CO2 emissions in their products through power-saving upgrades.
FS2 foot switches from LINAK Australia
01.06.2011 - Available from LINAK Australia, FS2 foot switches have been specially designed for use in conjunction with LINAK control boxes. They have also been specifically designed for mounting on a support plate.
New Compact LA23 Actuators from LINAK with High Push-Pull Strength
29.09.2010 - LINAK Australia offers a line of compact-sized actuators that can push or pull up to 2500N.
The BB3 electric lifting column actuator range from LINAK Australia
20.09.2010 - The BB3 lifting column from LINAK Australia is used for lifting beds on a vertical angle.
The Twindrive Care electric dual actuator unit from LINAK Australia
17.09.2010 - The Twindrive Care unit (TDC for short) from LINAK Australia incorporates electric dual actuators with control boxes in its design, as well as adjustment controls for ease of use.
The DL2 electric desk lifting column from LINAK Australia
16.09.2010 - The DL2 electric lifting column from LINAK Australia is a motor powered desk lifting column designed features high speed function and design freedom
The DL1 Desklift Column from LINAK Australia
15.09.2010 - The DL1 from LINAK Australia is a motor powered desk lifting column designed for optimum user freedom.
Electric actuators from LINAK ideal for solar tracking applications
05.08.2010 - The proven reliability and long, maintenance free lifetime of LINAK electric actuators make them particularly well suited for solar tracking applications.
New LA23 Linear Actuator from LINAK Australia
13.07.2010 - LINAK Australia offers the new LA23 linear actuator, a small and compact product with high strength and lifting power.
Wind turbine automation with electric actuator systems from LINAK Australia
14.01.2010 - Wind turbine automation with electronic actuator systems from LINAK Australia can lift the efficiency of the turbine.
Height adjustable desks with low standby power consumption now available from LINAK
13.01.2010 - LINAK Australia are now able to supply desk manufacturers with the means to produce height adjustable desks with low standby power.
Precise positioning of wheelchairs with hall potentiometer positioning actuators from LINAK Australia
13.01.2010 - Hall potentiometer positioning actuators from LINAK Australia house motion coordination enhancing electronics which increase the safety of wheelchairs.
New from LINAK Australia: flexible patient panel control for patient independence
12.01.2010 - An easy operational control with a user-friendly interface is now available from LINAK Australia with the introduction of the new Flexible Patient Panel for the OpenBus platform.
Twindrive leisure bed accessories from LINAK
11.01.2010 - With the new Twindrive leisure bed accessories from LINAK Australia, bed design can be unique and value can be added for the end-user.
The LINAK Australia LA44 actuator provides safe patient handling while preventing workplace injuries
08.01.2010 - Safe patient handling and prevention of work injuries among health care staff was the focus during the product development process of LINAK Australia’s LA44 actuator.
Now available from LINAK Australia, rectangular profiled desks with extra stability and no crossbar
07.01.2010 - With the latest additions to the LINAK Australia Deskline DL5 and DL6 family it is now possible to design a rectangular profiled desk without a crossbar and without compromising stability.
DL14 deskline column, by LINAK Australia
01.10.2009 - The DL14 3-part inline column is now available in Australia.
DPF deskline desk panel range from Linak Australia
30.09.2009 - The new DPF range of DESKLINE switches has an enhanced ergonomic design and soft touch finish to improve user interface.
Twindrive TD1 dual actuators go wireless
23.07.2009 - Twindrive TD1 dual actuators are now available with wireless handsets. They help avoid annoying handset cable issues and improve bed comfort.
Twindrive TD3 dual actuator system for beds
22.07.2009 - TD3 is the latest dual actuator system for elevation beds of the future with many features for comfort and easy access.
Ergonomic and intuitive use with the new Desk panel from Linak
21.07.2009 - The hallmark of the DPF Desk Panel series is the new modern design, which combines classic looks with intuitive, practical use.
LINAK presents the JUMBO Care Control Box
21.07.2009 - LINAK introduces the new JUMBO Care control box for patient lifts. To achieve safe patient handling battery status and service condition can be read-out.
Products for new kitchen environments from LINAK Australia
20.02.2009 - LINAK Australia offer proven products for kitchen environments that enable designers to invent unseen functionalities.
LINAK OPENBUS Under Bed Light from LINAK Australia
26.12.2008 - LINAK Australia have launched the LINAK OPENBUS Under Bed Light. With the LINAK OPENBUS UnderBed Light, navigation is made easy and safe for patients. When there are several patients in a ward, the patient does not need to bother the other patients.
New DL8 and DL11 round columns available from LINAK Australia
24.12.2008 - The DL8 and DL10 round columns, available from LINAK Australia, are new additions to the DESKLINE range.
New radiofrequency receiver and remote controls from LINAK Australia
23.12.2008 - As an extension to their program of infrared controls, LINAK Australia have introduced a diverse range of radiofrequency controls. The receiver is a generic version and suitable for both HOMELINE and DESKLINE products. The receiver communicates with
LINAK Australia’s Technical Manager reports on MEDICA 2008 Hospital and Care exhibition
22.12.2008 - LINAK Australia’s Technical Manager, Carsten Andersen, recently flew to Germany to attend a Hospital and Care exhibition, MEDICA 2008. The exhibition was well organised right from getting there by taxi, bus or train to ticketing, food outlets and fin
COBO20 connection box available from LINAK Australia
19.12.2008 - LINAK Australia have released the new COBO20 connection box that makes it possible to connect a large battery source to the LINAK CU20. The CU20 is the main control unit of the CB20 control box, which is based on the new OPENBUS technology platform.
TR-EM-239 parallel controller available from LINAK Australia
18.12.2008 - The TR-EM-239 parallel controller, available from LINAK Australia, is designed to drive two actuators in parallel.
LA35 electric linear actuator available from Linak Australia
21.11.2008 - The LA35 electric linear actuator, available from Linak Australia, solves a number of challenges met in extreme conditions.
Desk Panel Touch for desk control from LINAK Australia
13.10.2008 - The Desk Panel Touch, available from LINAK Australia, means elegant desk control at the fingertips. The countersunk DPT of the Desk Panel Touch adds extra elegance to the desk control system.
Online Actuator Selector for industrial actuators from LINAK
12.09.2008 - LINAK’s Actuator Selector for industrial actuators is now available.
Actuation solutions for solar tracking from LINAK
17.06.2008 - LINAK provides solutions for manufacturers of solar tracking systems.
BL1 three-part column from LINAK Australia
16.06.2008 - BL1 is a three-part column with an inline design, available from LINAK Australia.
Attendant Control OPENBUS from Linak
13.06.2008 - Both the hospital bed functions and the workload need to be controlled. That is why Linak has developed the Attendant Control OPENBUS (ACO).
LINAK Australia releases two new product innovations
16.07.2007 - LINAK Australia, known as a manufacturer of technically advanced and innovative products, has released a super fast electric actuator on the market.
LINAK introduces LA36 actuator
18.01.2007 - More than 25 years of dedicated linear motion research and development has been built into LINAK LA36 actuator.
Subtractable road hump, the winner of Linak's innovation contest
13.12.2006 - The winners of Linak's big innovation contest in Denmark are found.
Electric linear actuator systems
08.08.2006 - LINAK Australia will display its range of electric linear actuator systems on Stand 2002 during the 2006 Queensland Manufacturing Technology Exhibition (QMan), Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, October 17-19.
Actuator for industrial and agricultural industry
14.06.2005 - LINAK Australia has released the LA36 actuator, designed for the industrial and agricultural industry and resistant to harsh conditions such as moisture, dust, oil or a 500-hour salt spray test. It requires limited maintenance.
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