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The LINAK Australia LA44 actuator provides safe patient handling while preventing workplace injuries

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Safe patient handling and prevention of work injuries among health care staff was the focus during the product development process of LINAK Australia ’s LA44 actuator.

Besides a number of safety options, the LINAK LA44 actuator for patient lifters has many valuable features and a long lifetime.

Firstly, the LA44 actuator can prevent work injuries. With the rate of overweight people increasing it is useful to know that the LA44 is available in 10,000N and a 12,000N version. This secures the safe handling of heavy patients while preventing the work staff from suffering back injuries, as manual handling of heavy patients is now avoided.
Further to this point, work injuries by the electrical spline are also prevented. The actuator can only push, it cannot pull, in case something touches, for example, the lifting boom on a patient lifter. This means that injuries are prevented if someone, or something, gets caught between moving parts as the actuator retracts.

Secondly, the LA44 actuator increases safety due to high side load capacity. The LA44 actuator is capable of withstanding a side load of 100 kg in both full load and full stroke. This means that at 400mm stroke and a load of 12,000N, the actuator can withstand a side load of 100kg.

And thirdly, the LA44 actuator has a safety nut build-in as standard to ensure safe patient handling. This safety nut prevents work and patient accidents by causing the actuator to fail in a secure way in the event of a breakdown. From extensive testing, LINAK Australia know that their actuators have a long lifetime, but eventually the actuator nut will wear. With this built-in safety nut, there is no risk of a patient hanging in a patient lift falling in the event of an actuator breakdown.

The LA44 actuator is a product, which with its wide range of safety options, compact design, and performance standards, can be used in medical applications such as patient lifts, beds, and dental chairs.

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