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The DL2 electric desk lifting column from LINAK Australia

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article image The DL2 lEectric Desk Lifting Column from LINAK

The DL2 range from LINAK Australia  are motor powered desk lifting columns designed for high speed function and user freedom. The DL2 range has been engineered for use on a range of workstations such as work benches and computer desktops. They DL2 lifitng columns perform tasks such as height adjustment and tilt adjustments.

Integrated into each column is a modified LA31 actuator. The LA31 actuator comes in two versions, CBD4/CBD5 system and the CBD2 system. These systems have been specifically designed for desk applications.

The LA31 with CBD4/CBD5 system includes a 12V motor in combination with control box type using hall sensor and mini-fit motor cables. Also, the CBD4 system can run up to 4 DL2’s in parallel.

The LA31 actuator with CBD2 system uses a single drive. It has a fast motor and uses double threaded worm gear, a fixed motor cable, with the choice of including hall sensors for the memory drive. The actuator can be used in conjunction with the CBD2 control box for single column actuator applications.

Features of the DL2 electric desk lifting column include:

  • Thrust of up to 2500 N per DL2
  • Speed of up to 43 mm/s unloaded
  • Stroke length 300 mm, 350 mm, 500 mm ± 4 mm
  • Colouring comes in natural anodized aluminium profiles and black painted end plates
  • Low noise level
  • Compact and mounting friendly design
  • Non adjustable built-in limit switches
  • Dimension columns of 147 x 194 mm
  • Dimension 8 mm end plates of 160 x 244 x 8 mm
  • Each column is fitted with a 740 mm ± 60 mm straight black cable with an 8-pole AMP plug or 100 mm mini-fit cable
  • Dynamic bending moment occurs at My+/Mx+ = 250 Nm and My-/Mx- = 200 Nm

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