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Subtractable road hump, the winner of Linak's innovation contest

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The winners of Linak 's big innovation contest in Denmark are found.

As one of the innovative companies in Denmark, Linak is always looking for new ways of putting actuator systems to use. This is why Linak, during the spring 2006, launched an innovation contest, to come up with the applications of the future using Linak actuator systems to handle the electrical movement.

No less than 22 proposed projects were handed in for the contest, with a multitude of eye-opening and innovative solutions, hoping to win in one of the three categories: 1. Best innovation, 2. Best product and 3. Best new idea.

A panel of independent judges, all icons within innovation in Denmark, had the task of finding the winners in each category, which, according to the presenter of the awards, Jørgen Bruhn, was a hard job, due to the high quality of the proposed applications.

A subtractable road hump
The winners of the contest had produced the outlining for a subtractable road hump. The road hump is activated by a sensor that measures the speed of the approaching vehicles in the street. If the speed is too high, compared with the speed limit, the road hump is raised, creating a bumpy ride for the driver. If one on the other hand complies with the speed limit, the hump stays tucked away making the ride pleasant for the law-abiding citizen.

The judges put emphasis on the following reasons for picking the subtractable road hump as winner:
The judges have chosen to give the prize to the retractable road humb because they saw it as an innovative way of regulating traffic. The proposal represents a positive solution to a negative problem. Thus, it creates the possibility of developing solutions that award law-abiding drivers by offering them a road, without the collective punishing obstacles that are present in the streets of today.

A trip to the USA
The first prize also gave the 5 participants in the winning group, the opportunity of going to the USA to visit one of several proposed innovative centres to get more inspiration on how to be innovative.

Lifting Materials (LIMA) and Dream Nanny
The runner up solution was using actuators to help the users of pallet carriers tilt the carrier. The user is therefore presented with an ergonomical application that helps prevent back pain, etc.

The third prize was awarded to the Dream Nanny. An actuator system rocks a cradle or baby carriage, putting the child to sleep. A completely different use of actuators than is known today.

Contest again
The innovation contest was such a success that it will be done again, promised the Project Manager from Linak, Morten Madsen, when the award ceremony was concluded.

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