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New LA23 Linear Actuator from LINAK Australia

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LINAK Australia  offers the new LA23 linear actuator, a small and compact product with high strength and lifting power.  

The small dimensions of the linear actuator enable the component to be easily built-in.  

High lifting power

The powerful actuator can give any application a lift and is available in a 1200N version, a 1500N version as well as a 2500N version.  

To make the linear actuator even stronger, LINAK offers an optional metal back fixture ensuring complete metal construction through the actuator.  

Compact package  

The LA23 is compactly designed and can easily be implemented in various applications due to its small dimensions. The width is only 43mm and the housing is 123mm.  

The low weight of the unit makes it ideal for mobile applications.  

The actuator has a low ampere usage and eliminates the need to charge often when using it with a battery.  

Optimising cable logistics  

The LA23 has exchangeable cables, which means that the cables can be easily replaced without replacing the whole actuator. One can also have different cable lengths and easily switch between them.

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