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New CB6S OBM Control Boxes from LINAK Increase Flexibility

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LINAK Australia  offers a range of innovative solutions for intelligent bed and various medical applications to meet the demands of future care environments.  

LINAK Australia introduces the new range of CB6S OBM control boxes designed for increased flexibility and customisation in care settings. The choice of control box depends on the complexity of the application and the need for special functions.  

The CB6S OpenBus Medium is the latest member of the LINAK OpenBus family and is a new variant of the CB6S series. Its functional characteristics are classified between the light and full versions.  

The CB6S OBM control boxes function as a platform from which solutions can be developed over time. The OpenBus will increase the service level for patients as well as improve the working routines of nursing and care staff.  

Key features of CB6S OBM control boxes: 

  • Semi-parallel positioning that provides horizontal alignment according to defined intervals ensures smooth movement of the bed
  • Compatible with actuators that have digital feedback
  • Supports the lock of functions as a safety feature
  • Failure-safe mechanism that prevents unintended movement caused by short circuits
  • More intelligent sensors can be connected
  • Microprocessor enables the use of multiple accessories such as USB Power Supply and Under Bed Light
  • Low power consumption supply
  • Supports an LED charging indicator
  • Customised software adds to the flexibility of the solutions

The CB6S OBM control boxes provide greater flexibility in operating accessories and customising applications while contributing to a more optimal and user-friendly experience of leading actuator systems from LINAK.

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