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LINAK presents the JUMBO Care Control Box

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LINAK  introduces the new JUMBO Care control box for patient lifts. To achieve safe patient handling battery status and service condition can be read-out. The JUMBO Care counts the amount of work and cycles carried out by the actuator.

During operation of patient lifts, safety has top priority. The JUMBO Care ensures that the lift works and is always operational as the state of battery and actuator is always available.

The JUMBO Care Control Box is the new high end JUMBO control box which amongst other benefits can offer:

  • Data collection in the control box
  • Possibility to read out service data
  • Work counter
  • Intelligent cycle counter
  • Service indicator
  • Possibility to reprogramme service intervals
With JUMBO Care control box it is now possible to read-out the service condition of the actuator. Via a light emitting diode (LED), the user of the lift receives a message telling that it is time for service. With a laptop that can be connected to the JUMBO Care control box, further data can be read out. The service concept helps users to maintain the lift and avoids the risk of a non working lift. JUMBO Care Control Box . Optional, the JUMBO Care control box also passes the service information on to the new HD80 handset.

Also here the battery condition and service interval are indicated by means of LEDs. This information provides the care staff with the needed information at hand.  

The JUMBO Care control box enables easy and precise adjustment of the patient lift enabling lift manufacturers to live up to the norm EN10535. This also means that overload and abuse will not be possible and it becomes safer to use the lift. 

LINAK introduced the first JUMBO system in 1994 and the JUMBO Care is the 4th generation of JUMBO control boxes. JUMBO Care increases the level of safety even further.

The new control box JUMBO Care is compatible with the handsets HB70, HB80 and HD80 and with the actuators LA44, LA31C and LA34. Also the actuators LA12, LA28 and LA31C and be controlled with this control box.

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