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COBO20 connection box available from LINAK Australia

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LINAK Australia  have released the new COBO20 connection box that makes it possible to connect a large battery source to the LINAK CU20. The CU20 is the main control unit of the CB20 control box, which is based on the new OPENBUS technology platform. By using the COBO20 interface box, it adds great flexibility and makes it possible to utilise the features and benefits of OPENBUS technology on mobile applications needing large battery power and more than two actuators.

It also enables easy software updating and expansion with new accessories and makes it possible to keep the application both multi-functional and mobile at the same time. This is an advantage for a number of different applications such as hospital trolleys and stretchers. Electrically operated functions on a mobile application means improved ergonomics for health care personnel. Furthermore, it means comfort and safety for patients. Serious injuries can be avoided, when Trendelenburg positions are made possible to ensure blood circulation to the head of the patient.

The CU20 control unit makes it possible to power up to six actuators on the mobile application. The COBO20 and CU20 system can also be combined with a LINAK large capacity BAJ exchangeable battery. There is an option to choose between an internal or external charger. The external charger option gives hospitals or homes the possibility to have an extra battery charger on the wall. In this way, it is possible to ensure that there is always a full battery at hand. The batteries are simply switched, when one battery is flat. The COBO20 communicates with the CU20 and alerts the users when battery recharge is needed, thus ensuring optimised use of equipment.

The COBO20 and the CU20 use a safety concept that is software dependent, resulting in a system that is 100% first failure. Also as part of the safety features, if the CU20 gets too hot or a short circuit happens, the system will reduce power thus making it safe in any application.

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