LENOX is a US tool company that designs, tests and manufactures band saw blades, power tool accessories and hand tools.The LENOX brand stands for breakthrough performance and is enabled by uncompromising engineering, top-quality materials and manufacturing excellence – and supported by a team of experts focused 100 per cent on your success. That was true over 95 years ago. It’s true today. And it’s something you can count on. Always.


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23/04/13 - LENOX® encourages their customers to take the UpBlade Challenge.
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22/04/13 - LENOX® SPEED SLOT mini hole saw kits are easy to transport, store and use.
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19/04/13 - LENOX® presents a rugged and ergonomic range of plastic tubing cutters designed to deliver straight, clean cuts on PEX plastic tubing.
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07/02/13 - LENOX's ARMOR family of products is designed to protect band saw cutting edges from heat, extending their life while also enabling cutting to be done at higher speeds.
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