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Traffic control detector systems from LE Boughen & Co

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LE Boughen & Co  supplies traffic control detector systems such as Pedestrian Presence Detector, Digital Vision pedestrian Detector and Traffic Control sets. AGD 200 - Traffic Control detector system has been designed for detecting and monitoring vehicles at signalled junctions, while the AGD220 detector system is designed to detect moving pedestrians and cyclists in either direction on crossings up to 18 metres wide.

LE Boughen & Co offers a wide range of soldering and desoldering equipment. The range includes Mobile Soldering Iron, Desoldering Station, Soldering Station, Desoldering Tools, Soldering Iron, Tweezers Station, tip sets and digital tools.

Mobile Soldering iron is a battery powered soldering iron tool complete with tip 0B062ED, 0B062SD, tip exchanger and batteries. The tool is ideal for technicians on the move or for any tool box.

LE Boughen & Co offers air conditioning tools and indoor air quality sets such as external temperature probe sockets, CO2 measuring instrument, AC current and voltage data logger, anemometer, balometer, digital multimeter, data loggers, infrared thermometers, leakage detector, thermohygrometer, surface thermometer, data collector and differential pressure meter.

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